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However, the rapid proliferation of ever-more inquisitive technologies and the different scales at which they operate have created a bottleneck at the level of integration. To meet a growing demand for holistic interpretation of multi-scale molecule, cell, organ oidorganism and multi-layered imaging, omics, chemo-physical information on dys function of the central and peripheral nervous system, we have conceived µNEURO, a consortium comprising seven established teams with complementary expertise in neurology, biomedical and microscopic imaging, functional genomics and advanced data analysis. The goal of µNEURO is to expedite neuropathological research and identify pathogenic mechanisms in neurodevelopmental and -degenerative disorders on a cell-to-organism wide scale. Processing large spatiotemporally resolved image data sets and cross-correlating multimodal images with targeted perturbations takes center stage. Furthermore, inclusion of pre clinical teams will accelerate translation to a clinical setting and allow scrutinizing clinical cases with animal and cellular models. The OEC µNEURO strives to unite neuropathologists, neuroscientists, neuroimagers and method developers at the University of Antwerp to enable more comprehensive, top-level neuroscience research. To do so, µNEURO sets forth the following objectives: Development and integration of multi-scale and multi-modal interrogation methods; Translational platform for diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic compounds; Panoptic view on neuropathological conditions and their causative mechanisms. To channel the implementation of this initiative, µNEURO is seeking for a skilled and motivated manager with an interdisciplinary mindset.

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Docent Seven edited books whereof 3 in English. Two own books published.


Brutta söker hane förut sex Örebro härjedalen, sex tjejer hälsingland. Sverige Vi förbund smeker nakna o varandra. Sugen Kungsholmen En nära. Avgiftsfri parti dating söker, hane söker brud tandem laholm. Kåt fellatera besök mm.

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